Screenshot of zoom call with people laughing and smiling, with photoshopped pink stripped birthday hats on everyone’s heads.
Happy birthday to our executive director, from the entire (and very festive) We the People-MI team. The hats are real.

A birthday reflection

We the People — Michigan


by Art Reyes III, We the People-MI Executive Director

Hey fam,

Last night, I sat in the sand dunes near the tip of the Thumb watching the sunset over Lake Huron, reflecting, remembering, and giving gratitude. Today is my birthday, and I want to share some of my reflections, memories, and gratitudes with you all.

This month, We The People - Michigan officially turned 3 years old. The past three years have been a remarkable, challenging and beautiful journey. Three Junes ago, I had just quit my job at a national organizing network and was embarking on a 5-month long road trip to meet with anyone who would sit down with me and to figure out who was ready to be part of a good fight.

I met a number of you on that journey in coffee shops, libraries, bars, and in your homes. Some of you fed me, gave me a couch or a spare bed to crash on, even though I was still a stranger. You shared your stories with me and you listened intently as I shared the story of coming home to Flint during the water crisis. You asked me really hard questions, you laughed with me and a lot of you opened up in remarkably honest and vulnerable ways. We schemed and dreamed together about what was possible and at that point, it still felt imaginary.

It doesn't feel imaginary anymore.

We The People - MI set out with a simple question - is it possible to build a multi-racial, working class movement that can build an aspirational vision of the Michigan we deserve and fight for the power to make that vision a reality?

Everyday feels more and more like an emphatic YES.

Over the past three years, I've watched us - people from every corner of this state across race and community - fight for dignity in our own communities and come together to fight for eachother. We've done it with vulnerability and grit, with humility and joy, and most of all with love.

I've learned so much from you over these past three years. I'm so grateful to be a part of this community with all of you - a community that is building something powerful that will transform our Michigan into a place where all of our people can live with dignity.

We have a lot of work yet to do together. We're just getting started. I wanted to take the liberty on my birthday to share gratitude to all of you that have built with us and that are fighting to build a beautiful state that we can all be proud of.

I'm in awe of the power we are beginning to build together. Thank you for helping me feel deeply hopeful. As We The People - Michigan celebrates turning three years old, would you join us by contributing $36 (in honor of being 36 months old!) or whatever amount you can to helping us continue this work?

Much love & gratitude,




We the People — Michigan

Building multiracial alliances throughout the state of Michigan in order to fight for power and build a proactive vision for what we need and deserve.