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We did this.

We the People — Michigan
2 min readNov 23, 2020


Today, after powerful testimony from Michigan voters, a beautiful Driving for Democracy Car Caravan urging the Board of Canvassers to #DoYourJob, and weeks of Michiganders from the Keweenaw to Detroit, from Benton Harbor to the Soo joining together to protect our democracy, the State Board of Canvassers has certified the election!

We turned out in record numbers to vote and have fought hard to protect them, overcoming barrier after barrier. At every step, Trump and his allies have attempted to undermine our democracy, and the people of Michigan have stood united to insist our democracy belongs to everyone and demand that every voice be heard, no exceptions.

In Michigan, the people have prevailed, once again. When we organize, we win.

We need to remain vigilant until electors are seated and their votes are cast, so we will be keeping everyone up to date with any next steps, but we overcame a huge hurdle today. (If you’re not already on the We Make Michigan email list, sign up here)

I’m so grateful to be from Michigan, where people stand up to fight for each other. This is a people’s victory. And we’re just getting started.

Much love and solidarity,


Screenshot of zoom call with 8 people.
A photo from the Driving for Democracy press conference. To view the conference in full, go to https://www.facebook.com/wemakemi/videos/3301689793232818.



We the People — Michigan

Building multiracial alliances throughout the state of Michigan in order to fight for power and build a proactive vision for what we need and deserve.